Seat in a dark theatre

After watching the play Kuroko by Shigematsu Tetsuro, presented by the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre at The Heritage Theatre on November 7, 2019.

This is neither a review of the play nor a critique of the performance, both of which I enjoyed. I am merely recording my thinking in response to the experience of being in that theatre watching that play. Yes, I’m afraid it’s all about me again. 

People in the lighted region. We are tracking their every move from the darkness. 

Yet most of the time, they seem not to trigger any particular response from the optical and auditory neurological circuitry of the audience. Just the continuous monitoring and the immersive catatonia of the machinery behind those sensors.

We are all ticket-bearing sponges observing a dramatic encounter between a sperm whale and a giant squid. What does each of us make of the interactions before our eyes?

The stage hands moving props around. The actors, in full view, swiftly transforming their appearance through the trickery of costumes and makeup.

You too can suspend your cynicism, and sit back, entertained. Some actors might be glad, considering themselves entertainers, and grateful for the validation. Not so some other actors, convinced of their existence as thespians and artists.

And is there a thing called art without any element of entertainment for you, gentle reader?

RUFUS LIN, Nov 2019