Watch repairs, returns, etc.: READ THIS PLEASE.
Before contacting us, please review the information below. It may save you some time, effort and even money! If your question is not answered below, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Q. I would like to return or exchange my watch. How do I do this?

A. When you purchased your watch, we explained clearly that the return period was seven days after delivery of the watch. Beyond this period, either a warranty repair (for manufacturing defects only) or a regular paid repair is necessary. As we no longer sell watches in North America, we regret that returns and exchanges are no longer possible.

Q. My watch doesn’t work. (or: My watch stopped working)

A. If you purchased a quartz watch from us, it will stop when the crown is pulled out.
Please check if the crown is fully pushed in. Another possibility is that it could be simply that the battery has run out. Batteries usually last about two years, but sometimes they run out as much as a year before that, and sometimes they last beyond that. You can change the battery at your local watch, jewelry or department store and the cost is approximately $5 to 10.

If you purchased an automatic watch from us, wearing the watch for at least five or six hours every day will usually wind it sufficiently to last until you put on the watch again the next morning, but for a “full” winding, which will last between 30 and 40 hours, you can additionally use the crown to manually wind up the mainspring — just wind the watch using the crown, like a manual watch. People who rotate between a few watches will sometimes put their automatic watches on “watch winders”, which just rock to and fro continuously to wind the watch–this is also something you may wish to consider.

Q. My watch runs fast/slow.

A. If this has started to happen recently, and the amount of deviation is no more than half an hour, your watch may have become magnetized, because it was brought near a magnet, e.g. an audio speaker, fridge magnet, etc. It can be demagnetized in a few seconds by your local watchmaker.

Q. How can I change the battery?

A. The battery change itself generally costs just $5 to $10 at your local jeweler or department store.
Batteries last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, but the life span is frequently rated at 2 years. Some watches consume batteries faster than others, and it is important to know that batteries will fail without warning when they are exhausted.

Q. May I purchase spare straps/bracelets?

A. Depending on the brand, they may sell spare straps and bracelets
separately. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

Q. I want to have my watch repaired.

A. Our watches were all sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, so if it is still valid, you can obtain warranty repairs as needed, from the manufacturer directly. If the warranty has expired, they will charge you for the repair. Here is their contact information:
Website: http://www.arctos.info/en_index.html
E-mail: dialog@arctos.info

【Angular Momentum】
Website: http://www.angularmomentum.com/
E-mail: info@angularmomentum.com

【Bavarian Crono】
Website: http://www.bavarian-crono.de/shop/
E-mail: info@bavarian-crono.de

【Botta Design】
Website: http://www.botta-design.de/en/
E-mail: info@botta-design.de

Website: http://www.defakto-uhren.de/en/watches/
E-mail: info@defakto-uhren.de

【West End Watch Company】
Website: http://www.westendwatchco.ch/
E-mail: info@westendwatchco.ch